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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Guraranteed ESO Beta Invite and Key-Exclusive Tips and Tricks

Elder scrolls online(ESO) has become one of the most unticipated game in recent times, with many gamers waiting for the invitation to the closed beta. However history has taught us that its not simple to get a beta invitation let alone get a key, and with so many elder scrolls online fans your chances of getting the key are minimal.Signing up for the invitation to beta testing of elder scrolls online is extremely easy, its the getting the invitation along with the beta key that is extremely difficult. 

If you are a true fan of Elder scrolls online, you will definitely want to beta test this game, and help make the game the way you want it to be. Beta testers are an intrigual part of any game manufacturing company as the beta testers can find errors that the programmers failed to identify, as well suggest improvemets to Elder scrolls online. 
The most lucritive thing about beta testing is that you get to play the game before everyone else and when the game is released, you will get the full game free(if you are lucky) or at a massive discount.

How to guarantee an elder scrolls online beta tips and tricks
There are two ways that you can get to beta test elder scrolls online, one of these two is guaranteed to get you to beta test of elder scrolls online. This has been confirmed by those that had the opportunity to get the sniff at the game before it was even announced to the public..
  1. The first way to get into beta testing is to sign up at elder scrolls online beta   and hope that you will get invited. to be honest you have more chances of getting hit by a lighting than get the invite, its always for the selected few
  2. The sure way of guaranteeing yourself a spot to be beta testing is to use, a simple yet proven way of getting the elder scrolls online beta key. Below are steps on how easy it is to get yourself ahead of everyone and secure your spot as a new elder scrolls online beta tester
Easy 5 steps to Guarantee yourself a spot for ESO Beta testing
The first thing you will need is a application that will get ESO beta keys, something legit and working(of course, not a  scam keygen). Whta you will need is a code creator.( this app uses different technical potocols, simmilar to ESO codem app, to get random working beta keys.
Code Creator Sample

  1. Download ESO Code Creator
  2. Select your preffered gaming console or device
  3. input the email that you are going to use to login in to beta webpage of Elders Scrolls Online
  4. Press Button "ACTIVATE AND SEND KEY"
  5. Press Button "GET BETA KEY"
Once the above steps are completed, an elders scrolls online beta key will be emailed to you, along with your login details.

You are set, now wait for the beta date. Enjoy

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